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The Full Story

The history of the Sherwood Heights Community League is a lengthy one, but we will try to be brief. 65 years is a lot to cover.

On December 9, 1957, a group of households living in and around what we today consider “The Original Sherwood Park”, formed the first Community League. As it developed and grew, the neighbourhood soon became known as “The Trees”. It went through a few re-brandings such as "Maplegrove" and "Sherwood Heights", and finally simplified to "Heights".

Right out of the gate, the Community League was a bustle of affordable entertainment and fellowship. Starting in January of 1958, their first project was building and maintaining the Sherwood Heights Hockey Rink and Concession located on Alder Ave. 

The group operated from 1957 to 1979. During that time they contributed enormously to the culture and development of our beloved home. Projects included dances and variety shows, door-to-door bake sales, winter carnivals, stew parties, and movie nights. They also provided busses to the YMCA in Edmonton for extra entertainment and education. “The Log Cabin” was built by the League and it became the first home of the Brownies, the Guides, the Toastmasters Club, and formed many sporting leagues and associations that our families still enjoy today. It was also home to some of the first church services of various denominations. 

The Community League also created the first Medieval Days, which boasted jousting, a Household Coat of Arms, hay bail forts, flour bag fights, parades, broken bones, and a full-sized catapult.  

In their later years, the League contributed to the formation of the Sherwood Park Arena (1970) and the Kinsmen Leisure Centre Pool (1975). They disbanded in 1979, celebrating their successes with a final dinner and dance held in honour of the volunteers that contributed to the community over the years.

Fast forward to 2021, when the world was struggling through a global pandemic, a small group of people from the various corners of Sherwood Heights sought a way to connect in our new socially distant world. They began to arrange events that were considered safe, accessible, and positive. The goal was to reconnect households in the area for little to no cost, and shine a light on the positive things that were still taking place. 

These events included online photography contests, holiday home decoration events, the monthly “Kick It to The Curb” day, as well as random acts of kindness in the “Neighbourhood Blockbuster”.

In 2022, in the aftermath of the pandemic, the world re-opened. The new League began trying their hand at larger, in-person events. They organized a spring "Seed and Plant Swap", a community cleanup, a very successful "Community Day in the Park" event funded entirely by public grants and personal donations, an interactive Haunted Heights Halloween map and a few fundraisers including a Holiday Cookbook. 


The Community League is more than just a group of volunteers doing fun things; it's a new beginning in a world where connection is so highly sought after, diversity is embraced, differences are accepted, and community is welcomed. The Community League hopes to enriched our neighborhood, as well as our lives. We thank all our volunteers for their hard work and determination; they are the glue that holds our community together.

Check out our Upcoming Events to see what we're up to and be sure to stop by a monthly meeting!

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