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Meet the Board

White Washed Wood

Tammy Rondeau


Meet Tammy, a small-town girl with big dreams! Originally from Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan - home of the giant - Tammy has made her mark on the world.

After moving to Edmonton in the 90s, she settled down in Sherwood Park in 2018, where she fell in love with the tight-knit community that reminded her of home.

Tammy's passion for connection and community shines through in her volunteer work, where she loves to give back and make a difference. As a project manager, Tammy is always focused on process improvement and change management, striving to make things better for everyone around her. When she's not busy climbing mountains like Kilimanjaro, Tammy loves to spend her time cooking up a storm in the kitchen. She's also a green thumb with a knack for gardening and growing her own veggies. And if that's not enough, Tammy's also a dog breeder on the side - clearly, she has more interests than time!

Tammy is a force to be reckoned with, a true jack-of-all-trades, and an inspiration to us all.


Ehren Ackerman

Vice President

Introducing Ehren, the fourth-generation farm boy who never left home! Born and raised in Strathcona County, Ehren grew up on his family farm and now lives in his grandparents' house in Sherwood Heights with his wife Natalie.

Ehren's passion for community runs deep, which is why he started the new community league - or maybe he just wanted an excuse to show off his collection of antique oddities and paranormal expertise. When he's not chasing ghosts, Ehren works as a full-time cemetery groundskeeper and amateur photographer. He even drove a Zamboni for Strathcona County - talk about a jack of all trades!

Whether he's volunteering at the Strathcona County Museum or snapping photos around town, Ehren is always making a positive impact in his neighborhood. And who knows, maybe one day he'll capture a ghost on camera - stranger things have happened!


Alanna Piehl


Introducing Alanna, the Regina-born, Edmonton-raised pastry chef turned Occupational Health and Safety guru with a passion for community and organization (thank goodness, because someone's gotta do it). Alanna and her husband Ryan moved into their dream home on Pine Street in 2019, got married shortly after and welcomed their little one, Jude, in 2021.

When Alanna's not attempting to organize absolute chaos at work, she's reeling in fish with her husband Ryan, who probably still can't believe she managed to catch a 150lb Sturgeon fish while 29 weeks pregnant (you go girl!). Don't let her love for spreadsheets fool you - this woman's got skills in the craft department too, from jewelry making to crochet and scrapbooking.

Alanna is so passionate about community involvement that she's made it her mission to volunteer and build relationships wherever she goes. So if you're looking for someone who can organize your life, bake you a mean cake, catch fish like a pro, and keep a community together, Alanna's your gal.

Kim Photo .jpeg

Kimberlea Bennett


Meet Kim, our Board Treasurer and resident honorary Newfie! Originally from Ontario, she fell for a charming Newfoundlander in 2000, moved to "the rock," and earned her honorary Newfie status.

In 2008, she brought her wit and love for the outdoors to Sherwood Park, and by 2015, Sherwood Heights became her stomping ground. By day, she’s an HR Business Partner; by night, she’s rocking out at concerts, camping under the stars, and breathing in the great outdoors.

Kim joined SHCL to connect, engage, and support the community – and maybe to make sure our finances are as in tune as her favourite bands!


Natalie Ackerman

Director - Memberships

Meet Natalie, the hairless cat loving, indoorsey, tattoo enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta! She made the move to Sherwood Park in 2017 and fell in love with the community (and her husband's hometown).

When she's not coordinating projects at McKenna Agencies, Natalie volunteers to help create a sense of community for her kids (and because her fellow volunteers are awesome). She's a baking extraordinaire who can replicate her husband's grandma's top secret cookie recipe and coffee is her love language.

So if you need a new tattoo recommendation or want to swap cookie recipes over a cup of coffee, Natalie's your girl!


Dave Thomson

Director of All Things Fun

Meet Dave, the Sherwood Park native who knows his way around both the baseball diamond and the hockey rink.

As a mortgage broker, he's always ready to help his clients hit their financial goals out of the park. When he's not busy crunching numbers, you can find him playing slo-pitch, tending to his backyard garden, or soaking up some sun at the lake. But what really fills his cup is giving back to the community that raised him, which is why he volunteers whenever he can. And if you're looking for Dave's happy place, you'll find him on his wife's family ranch, where he's always eager to lend a hand (and maybe even take a ride on a trusty steed).

With three amazing children by his side, Dave's life is a true home run.

Craig .jpg

Craig Gamache

Director of Smash Club

Craig, the Maple Ridge maven turned Sherwood Heights savant, is the ultimate multitasking master. By day, he's the digital wizard of a fertilizer company, weaving through spreadsheets like a maestro orchestrating a symphony. From inventory management to compliance and regulations, even dipping his toes into the realm of IT, Craig's expertise knows no bounds. As the co-owner of Crescent Geek, he's equally at home diving into retro video game consoles, coaxing them back to life with a magician's touch.

His culinary prowess once knew no limits until two tiny critics shattered his confidence, declaring every dinner 'yucky.' Undeterred, Craig's passion for cooking remains undimmed, a flame kept alive amidst the chaos of tiny taste testers. Surprisingly, he finds solace and joy in the frosty embrace of Sherwood Heights' cold, reveling in the snowy wonderland, a far cry from his roots.

Geekdom is Craig's playground; from D&D quests to devouring fantasy books and losing himself in virtual realms, he's a connoisseur of all things nerdy. With an infectious enthusiasm for the geeky and a knack for resurrecting old consoles, Craig's world is as exciting and diverse as the virtual worlds he adores.


Jessica Gamache

Director of Exceptional Ideas

Jessica's journey from the serene shores of Vancouver Island to the lively streets of Sherwood Heights in 2022 was akin to flipping chapters in a fantastical tale. Once a medical office assistant, she swapped stethoscopes for the allure of magical realms, becoming a stay-at-home mom and co-owner of an online emporium dedicated to all things nerdy.

With her vibrant pink hair as her trademark, Jessica effortlessly balances her days, volunteering at her children's school with the same zeal she brings to curating the perfect page-turners—whether delving into fantastical worlds or indulging in guilty pleasures of cheesy fiction.

Her life is a blend of nurturing her two wise senior cats and nurturing young minds at the school (although she'll try to convince you all she does is volunteer for school lunches and field trips - but we believe full bellies lead to nurtured minds!). Amidst the whirlwind of responsibilities, she's the veritable connoisseur of both mystical tales and tales of whimsical romance, finding solace and joy within the pages of her beloved books.

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