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Mission and Goals

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Our Mission

At Sherwood Heights Community League, we're all about bringing people together, building a kick-ass community, and treating each other with mad respect. We believe in inclusivity, making sure everyone feels welcome and included, so come join us and let's rock this neighborhood!

Our Vision

To be the Community of Choice in Strathcona County.

Our Goals

  • Continue to grow the League and grow our Membership

  • Work towards becoming an official non-profit

  • Create a website

  • Continue running fun, family friendly community events

  • Team up with the Strathcona County Museum & Archives to run historical events

  • Be more active on social media (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Fundraising and continue to grow the League bank account - goal numbers TBD for 2024 (let's see how 2023 goes to determine reasonable goals for 2024) - be able to self-fund activities and events

  • Take more opportunities to receive funding and grants

  • Work towards obtaining a permanent indoor space - put together a business proposal for the County for an indoor venue

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