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Join the League!

Our goal at the Sherwood Heights Community League is to be a part of our community's continuing legacy of fun, caring, and sharing.

For $25.00 per household per year, we think our group of volunteers can do some pretty great things. Your membership will get you exclusive pricing for paid community league events as well as discounts on products and services at our growing list of local business partners. Together with government grants and funding, fundraising from memberships will help the League to continue to provide free public community events throughout the year.

FUN FACT: In the fall of 1958, the first $25 "Community League Membership Fee" was set in Sherwood Heights; home builders were to collect the fee when selling houses to new residents. It wasn't very successful when the league tried to collect, so volunteers canvassed door-to-door themselves which had a much better result.

If you feel that your household cannot afford the membership cost. Please reach out to any of our discreet volunteers. It is our goal to be inclusive and we have some participating members that are willing to sponsor other households so that all may participate.

Call for Sponsorship

The Sherwood Heights Community League is looking for local businesses to partner with!

Whether you would like to sponsor our 2023 community membership by providing membership holders a small discount on products or services, or provide a prize or donation for an upcoming event, we would love to partner with you!

Send us an email to for more information on our sponsorship packages!
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