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STRATHMA Notes & News

Contributed By: Ehren Ackerman, Volunteer, Strathcona County Museum and Archives

Winter is typically known as being a drab and dark season. The combination of the cold temperatures, snowy weather, and longer evenings often wore on the first citizens of Sherwood Park.

The volunteers of the original Sherwood Heights Community League (also known as the Sherwood Park Community League) were highly determined to provide ways to beat the winter blues. They did this by arranging for events to be organized and venues to be built so that the community would have ways to stay active and still see one another.

In 1960, the community league headquarters was located at the former location of Mr. MacLachlan’s store. Unfortunately, it was scheduled for demolition in June to make way for new housing. To explain the events, we have found an excerpt from “Sherwood Park: The First Twenty-Five Years” Compiled by the Sherwood Park Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Book Committee, First Printed August 1983. It reads:

‘Doreen T., social convener, wrote in the June 1960 issue of Notes and News, “With the demolishing of the temporary building, our social functions will have to be discontinued for a time. Your Social Committee is pleased to report that the result of the winter activities was a contribution to the building fund of approximately $1000 and it is hoped that many residents were well entertained.”

Meanwhile, the building committee had been busily planning ahead and eventually presented plans for two log buildings, one a field house to serve the wading pool and skating rinks, and other a community centre. Plans for this 80’ x 40’ Lodgepole Pine Log Building have been submitted to the M.D. of Strathcona by the Community League Executive. This is the suggested building to be built under the Provincial Government 5 Year plan. This type of structure, complete with full basement has been recommended as the most attractive and most economical type for our community. The FAB-A-LOG structure, with some voluntary labour will cost approximately $27,000.00. This figure includes a kitchen and office on the main floor with washroom facilities in the basement. Present plans call for a completion date during the month of July. – MOE. S. President

With the help of volunteers, the community centre was ready (or almost) for an informal “completion party” or “kickoff day” scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Grey Cup Day, November 26, 1960.

A capacity crowd enjoyed themselves. Name tags made it easy to get acquainted; door prizes, a doll and “bar” raffles added to the festivities.

“The Log Cabin” has been a staple in the community ever since. Many memories have been

made within its walls, in the parking lot, and in the surrounding fields. Many more to come, we are sure.

Make sure to come visit us at the Strathcona County Museum and Archives. Located in your own back yard, 913 Ash Street, Sherwood Park. Proud to be the NEW home of the Sherwood Heights Community League.

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