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Sponsor  the FWB Program

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Friend of the League

Our Friends with Benefits Program is only possible with the support from local businesses. 

About the Friends with Benefits Program

The Friends with Benefits Program offers members:

  • Discounts on products or services at Local Businesses

  • Member rates at paid Community League events

  • A way to support the local community and League initiatives

  • Membership into our organization along with voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting 

    • Note - only membership holders who reside within the bounds of Sherwood Heights as listed in the League Bylaws are entitled to a vote at the Annual General Meeting. Households who reside outside of the bounds are still able to purchase a
      membership / Friends With Benefits Card and enjoy associated perks and discounts, but may not vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Benefits of Sponsorship

As a "Friend of the League" your local business would be sponsoring our Friends with Benefits Program (membership program). Sponsorship comes with many perks including:

  • New customer reach ​

  • Increased customer awareness

    • Sponsorship businesses are featured on the League's website, social media, and in the quarterly newsletter​

Goals of the Friends with Benefits Program

Why does the Sherwood Heights Community League run the Friends with Benefits Program? 

It's more than just a membership, it's part of our community's continuing legacy of fun, caring and sharing.  

Selling memberships allows our League to continue to provide valuable resources, connection, networking and fun events for our community members, regardless of membership status. Although we love selling memberships, we never require a membership to participate in any of our activities or programs (except voting at the Annual General Meeting). 

Some of our goals of fundraising through membership sales include:

  • Procurement of assets required for programming and events

    • Currently we rent or borrow equipment when necessary; purchasing equipment would allow us to save on rental fees, alleviate pressures of needing to borrow equipment, and allow us to loan equipment if community members require it.​

  • Raise new funds for community events

    • Self-explanatory - the more funds we can raise, the more events and activities we can host! Our goal is to organize a handful of completely free or "pay what you can" events each year. This helps us to ensure all members of our community are included and able to participate without financial barriers.​

  • Advertise to increase awareness and membership

    • You've made it here, so obviously you know we exist. But did you know, there is a portion of our immediate and surround community who have no idea we're here and doing awesome things? Our League uses funds to help advertise through mailouts, printed poster, newspaper, sponsored ads on social media, radio ads, etc. We have a large demographic of people within our community and not everyone uses social media. We need to make sure we reach everyone in some form!​

Ready to Sign Up?

Ready to sponsor the SHCL Friends With Benefits Program?

Ready to gain more followers, customers, and support from your community?

Ready to support your local Community League and its membership?

Contact us below to sign up (or to get more information, if you're not quite convinced), or send us an email to

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